Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that there are a lot of questions during this new and challenging experience for us all. We wanted to provide a quick list of answers to questions that we have received over the past week so everyone is up to date on the latest. We are working to update this list regularly.

Please know that answers may be subject to change in the rapidly evolving situation, especially in the event the local, state, or federal governments and/or agencies institute new policies or directives that impact our procedures.

Events are going strong at Arrow communities! As residents are vaccinated and community’s county positivity rates are going down, events continue to be added. Here are just a few events that residents can once again enjoy on a regular basis:

  • Live entertainment
  • Happy hours
  • Scheduled outings and shopping

Our virtual events have proven so popular that even as the community reopens, online events will remain so residents can connect with each other across communities.

While exact needs vary by community, families can help by continuing to connect with their loved ones – writing letters/sending mail, calling or scheduling Facetime/Zoom chats, and stopping by for in-person visits. We can provide and assist residents with their tablets or computers.

Families can also help us in getting out the word that we are hiring during this time, and engaging in ongoing two-way communication of any issues that enable us to identify gaps and continue to refine our processes.

While we cannot predict how long the pandemic will last, as vaccination rates continue to climb, restrictions will continue to be modified as allowed by federal, state, and local guidance and regulations. Even now, much of life has returned to a sense of normalcy pre-COVID. We look forward to continuing to ease restrictions to the degree possible  while remaining mindful of best infection control practices as identified by federal, state, and local authorities.

Yes. Families and residents of affected communities are all made aware, starting with those who may be directly impacted.

Restrictions are being lifted following best practices as recommended by the multiple expert sources we have followed throughout the pandemic, such as the CDC and other state and local public health agencies. Currently, restrictions have been lessened for communities meeting recommended vaccination and positivity rates. It is important to note that there are times that decisions are made at a local level (county or municipality) that are more restrictive, and at those times we will follow local guidance. 

Residents who have not been vaccinated and may have come into contact with someone who tested positive will be tested. Employees who are not vaccinated are tested on a regular basis. Testing frequency is increased if a COVID-positive individual is identified in a community.

Should a resident test positive, we first ensure they are receiving the care that their primary care provider identifies as necessary. Family is informed immediately of a positive test and symptoms, if any. We then begin Contact Tracing to attempt to identify all known contacts and potential source of the virus. Apartments and common areas are deep cleaned and disinfected. Other residents and families are informed of the positive test.

The resident who has tested positive will be required to self-shelter in their apartment until the appropriate time has passed after a negative test is received and symptoms are no longer present. In these times of changing regulatory requirements, particularly at the local level, we confer with the local health department to determine the minimum necessary period that an infected resident will be required to self-shelter in their apartment.

Residents who test positive for COVID-19 and are required to self-shelter within their apartment are receiving all meals and snacks, and the community provides a variety of virtual events in which the resident may participate. Additionally, books, games and other entertainment opportunities are available.

Should an employee show any signs of illness, they are turned away during screening before entering into the community. If they then test positive, we trace their footprint to see who else may have been affected. Employees will be required to quarantine for the time recommended by the most recent guidelines from health organizations and public health experts at the local level for guidance. 

Packages delivered for residents will be accepted by the front desk for the resident to pick up or have brought to their apartment at their convenience. There are no required hold times placed for packages.

Dining rooms have re-opened at all communities, with capacity varying based off community vaccination and county positivity rates. Visitors are also allowed to join residents for a meal by calling in advance to make a reservation.

Residents or families may have food delivered from outside vendors. Food can be left at the front desk for delivery.