Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that there are a lot of questions during this new and challenging experience for us all. We wanted to provide a quick list of answers to questions that we have received over the past week so everyone is up to date on the latest. We are working to update this list regularly.

Please know that answers may be subject to change in the rapidly evolving situation, especially in the event the local, state, or federal governments and/or agencies institute new policies or directives that impact our procedures.

Events are going strong at Arrow communities! We have opted to replace all communal events with alternate options and it has been an amazing experience so far. There are too many things going on to list them all, but some of our favorites so far have been:

  • Virtual choir, name that tune, and live music!
  • Bingo Tuesdays
  • Trivia Thursdays

It is our goal for residents to experience the same quality events and entertainment calendar through this period of social distancing and limited access to the communities. Visit our events page here:


While exact needs vary by community, families can help by continuing to connect with their loved ones – writing letters/sending mail, calling or scheduling facetime/zoom chats, and stopping by for window or outdoor visits. We can also use tablets for residents without access to technology, assistance in spreading the word that we are hiring during this time, and ongoing communication of any issues so we can identify gaps and continue to refine our processes.

We cannot predict how long the pandemic will last, but we are tracking cases and expected peak dates, as well as monitoring state and federal guidelines. The safety of our staff and residents is our utmost priority, and our restrictions will continue to follow their recommendations.

Yes. Families and residents of affected communities are all made aware, starting with those who may be directly impacted.

Restrictions are being lifted following best practices as recommended by the CDC, the state, and the federal government.

As tests become more available, we are scaling up our testing, but at this time, we do not have plans to test everyone.

We are creating touchpoints with food deliveries and snack carts, as well as hosting a full calendar of virtual events and an increasing number of community events.

Should a resident test positive, we first ensure they are receiving the care they need, most likely in a hospital setting. Family is informed immediately of symptoms, and then we start tracing their footprint to see who else may have been affected. An outside vendor is also contracted to deep clean their apartment and any common areas in the vicinity. Other residents and families are informed of the positive test.

Should an employee show any signs of illness, they are turned away during screening before entering into the community. If they then test positive, we trace their footprint to see who else may have been affected. They must remain on quarantine for 14 days as long as symptoms have subsided.

On arrival, all packages are disinfected before being dispersed. If your delivery contains anything that needs to be refrigerated, frozen, or is more time-sensitive, please let us know at drop off.

Of course! We all miss going out to our favorite eateries. We just ask that, for sanitization purposes, takeout be removed from its original packaging and placed in a more easily cleaned tupperware style container. As long as meals are delivered by around 3, we can make sure they are sanitized and delivered for dinner.