Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that there are a lot of questions during this new and challenging experience for us all. We wanted to provide a quick list of answers to questions that we have received over the past week so everyone is up to date on the latest. We are working to update this list regularly.

Please know that answers may be subject to change in the rapidly evolving situation, especially in the event the local, state, or federal governments and/or agencies institute new policies or directives that impact our procedures.

Events are going strong at Arrow communities! We have opted to replace all communal events with alternate options and it has been an amazing experience so far. There are too many things going on to list them all, but some of our favorites so far have been:

  • CEO Stephanie Harris held a Virtual Town Hall on March 16, 2020
  • Virtual Armchair Tour
  • Memory Care “Name That Tune” with Mary Stoinski
  • Delivering St. Patrick’s Day to residents’ door!

It is our goal for residents to experience the same quality events and entertainment calendar through this period of social distancing and limited access to the communities. Visit our events page here:


We purchase food from the suppliers directly. We are communicating with our representatives regularly and do not expect any service interruptions.

Residents are being asked to take meals in their apartments as much as possible and we are limiting the dining exposure by asking residents in the restaurant to sit 1 per table. We are proud to serve residents the same restaurant-quality dining experience they have come to expect at this time.

We are working diligently to ensure that Arrow communities have extra supplies on hand at this time. While there have been shortages experienced nationwide, we do not expect any interruption in toilet paper. Some specialty equipment and supplies are currently unavailable and we are scouring every available source to ensure we have access as soon as possible.

Arrow Senior Living communities are continuing to deliver medications to residents with no interruption. Increased sanitization and hand cleaning protocols have been enacted. Any medications that need to be signed for in person will be received at the door by community staff. There are no expected interruptions to medication administration.

To protect the safety of residents and staff, we are asking that all residents remain on site until further notice. At this time, it is within the residents’ rights to leave the community. However, because of the tremendous risk of exposure and transmission, we will require residents who do choose to exit the community to remain outside the community for a time (to be determined) before returning.

The United States Federal government has formally extended the due date for anyone who has not filed taxes by 90 days. The majority of tax professionals are also able to complete taxes virtually and no longer require in-person meetings. If residents need additional assistance, we will be available to help on a one-on-one basis.

At this time, we have expanded services to include extra attention to the animals in our care. We would like all residents to have the opportunity to use the outdoor spaces to walk their pets and to enjoy themselves. We are currently working through best practices to open this option. At this time, very few requests have been made by residents to go outside because of the weather.

For all official information on COVID-19, please refer to the CDC website at:

We are politely turning away all visitors at this time. We cannot allow anyone outside of the most essential services to place residents at risk of transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Family and friends have come up with creative ways to visit with residents, including using technology like Zoom and FaceTime, visiting from outside through windows, and writing letters. We understand and empathize with the hardship this causes to residents, families, and friends at this time and are working through all ways we can bring families together during this period of social distancing.