This section will cover the unique portions of the Arrow Senior Living websites. It’s not meant to be a full tutorial on WordPress usage, but rather outline how this particular theme and its plugins are built.

Table of Contents

Site Settings

The Arrow Senior Living theme is built to be customizable through the admin without the need to create a child theme for each site. Learn more about how this works in these sections:


This site is built to take advantage of the WordPress 5.0 editor (Gutenberg). This allows for drag-and-drop assembly of pages using both built-in blocks and custom blocks created for the Arrow Senior Living theme.

There are multiple types of blocks in use on this site: Built-in WordPress blocks, blocks from plugins, and custom blocks built specifically for Arrow Senior Living. In this documentation we will cover custom blocks along with some important plugin blocks.

Plugin Blocks
ASL Blocks

Arrow Senior Living custom blocks can be found in the “Arrow Senior Living” block group or by searching ‘asl’ while adding a block. Some of these blocks are used throughout the site (Page Header, etc.), while others serve a very specific purpose (Team).

These blocks are built on top of the Advanced Custom Fields Blocks system. They will have “Preview” and “Edit” modes for easy updating and previewing in the admin. Please note that block admin previews may not always be an exact reflection of how the blocks appear to visitors. Please check the front-end of the site.

A note about “Align” support

This theme enables “align wide” and “align full” support in the WordPress admin. However, the behavior of these choices will vary between custom blocks and built-in WordPress blocks. It is primarily used for creating “containers” and centering content in custom blocks and Kadence rows. Learn more about how align is used in the documentation for each block.

Horizontal and vertical align icons example.

Page-specific Settings

Each page has custom settings that live outside of blocks.