Button (Bootstrap) is an alternative to native WordPress buttons. It allows for easy selection of the different button styles that are built into this theme. Additionally, it is built with Fancybox support.


Button (Bootstrap) blocks typically do not have any vertical spacing, and are often inserted after a paragraph at the end of content. Should you need more spacing in your particular layout, consider the Button Group block. This block can be used with one or more buttons.


Note: The examples below use Button Group blocks. The Button (Bootstrap) block is only a single a button.

Fancybox Mode

By default, any links to images or videos hosted on select providers (Youtube and Vimeo) will automatically open in Fancybox, making this option unnecessary.

Should you want to open custom HTML or force a link to open in Fancybox, you can do so by enabling Fancybox Mode. This will provide an editor where you can enter your own custom HTML. iFrame mode is also available should you want to open another website in an iframe.

Note: Fancybox mode is available in several other blocks in addition to Button (Bootstrap).