Rows and Columns

At the time of this site build, WordPress itself does not provide robust column support. Kadence Rows allow us to add multi-columned layouts and and nested blocks.

Two equal columns with nested blocks in each column.

It’s recommended that you review existing column setups for recommended settings.

Align Support

Kadence Blocks support align center, wide and full. We have built in a way to automatically incorporate Bootstrap containers into Kadence blocks. Simply select either “align center” or “align wide” to center your content on the page. This allows you to also set a background color on the row if you choose. This minimizes the amount of configuration you need when creating rows; For the most part, you may want to increase top and bottom padding on some rows, but there is no need to set content widths. This helps keep a consistent look throughout the site.


  • Most ASL blocks are standalone don’t require Kadence rows. The Image Set block is one frequent exception, which is typically used in a column alongside static content. Button (Buttonstrap) and Button Group blocks may also be used within columns as needed.
  • Don’t forget to review your layouts in multiple viewports. Sometimes you may want to adjust the tablet layout to stack like the mobile layout, while other times you may want to change it to different sized columns.
  • Use the Block Navigation feature to make sure your blocks are properly nested in your row.