Site Colors

Each site has support for 6 colors which are then used in specific areas throughout the site. Primarily only 3 colors are used by the theme, and it is recommended that Colors 4-6 match Colors 1-3. However, support for 6 colors exists in case it is needed on a future property. These colors also become available in the WordPress editor’s color picker.

Typography, link and button text colors can also be set in this section.


Fonts and sizes can all be configured in this section. Typically these should not be adjusted, but may need to be in the future if a font family is changed on a particular site.

Background and Accent Images

Background and accent images can be inserted into different blocks and within pages. Those settings are controlled either within a block or within a page. However, the images themselves are added in this section, so that you don’t have to re-upload images repeatedly on pages.