Turning Common Sense Into Common Practice

We can navigate the world in our car using satellites. We see who’s delivering a package through our doorbell from another hemisphere. We think it’s time that we properly implement advanced technology to improve senior living.

Our goal is to help seniors live with lower care costs in the most independent environment possible.

The senior living industry has observed residents residing in communities for shorter and shorter durations due to health crises, accidents, or cognitive decline. While many are attempting to take this in stride, Arrow instead is asking “What can we do?”

Our Wellness teams use passive motion analysis to delve deeper into resident care needs. Monthly diagnostic testing allows a conversation between the resident and the team regarding care needs and changes so they can come to the best conclusion and plan of action together.


Reviewing the progress of ongoing care and rehabilitative services


Measuring results to ascertain the root cause of a fall, should a fall occur.


Tracking health daily, not only when a need arises, to analyze trends over a period. Differences in baseline health can raise red flags to alert us to unseen health issues.

How we do this:

Heart rate, respiration, restlessness, and more are monitored by passive, unobtrusive sensors.

What this means for you:


No uncomfortable hardware to wear
A greater understanding of overall health and safety
Alerts to potential future needs
Peace of mind
Continued health and independence

Residents and families who choose to take advantage of these optional resources have a greater amount of information and understanding from which to make decisions about care paths – and to head off a problem before it arrives.