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Stephanie Harris Featured in St. Louis Business Journal Table of Experts

Stephanie Harris, CEO Arrow Senior LivingStephanie Harris, CEO of Arrow Senior Living Management, was featured as a senior living expert in a recent St. Louis Business Journal article titled "Table of experts: The business of senior living care." Other panelists included Carmen Fronczak, Vice President of Sales at FV Services, Inc., Mike Perry, President HBD Construction Inc., and Scott Auman, Project Manager SWD Architects.

St. Louis Business Journal | Table of experts: The business of senior living care

The article focused on current challenges of the senior living industry and how plans are being implemented in future development with questions like

Why are we seeing so many new senior facilities going up? And what’s the most popular?

How are the senior living options comparing with seniors’ expectations?


What does the future of senior living look like?

In response to the question "How do you balance the needs and wants of seniors and the desires of decision-influencers?", Harris stated

Actually, a lot of the things that delay the final decision to move is an emotional disconnect to the logical reason why they should be making the move. As a result, they say, “no;” “no” to even looking, “no” to their adult child who found a community that they thought was great. They won’t even begin to entertain the idea, based on their preconceived fears and assumptions that it really is still a nursing home, or they believe that “I’m too young for this.” As we age, the gap between our real age and how we feel gets wider. Experts say that an average 85-year-old has a 13-year age gap from their perception of who they believe they are to who they really are today. That denial is a major reason why we don’t see a much higher penetration rate in our industry. But if we can shift our marketing thinking toward intervention at a much earlier stage, we may be able to help seniors think about the advantages of making a proactive decision. It is better for them to make a decision when they have a scare versus after a hemorrhaging crisis that forces them to make the move. That way, they will have a much more valuable experience. It’s also better for the senior living community.

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St. Louis Business Journal | Table of experts: The business of senior living care

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