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Finding our Why

For Arrow Senior Living, managing properties is about celebrating people. Our core values were born from our experience consulting for distressed properties where we lived as guests for weeks or months at a time. When we set out to manage senior living properties full-time, our question wasn’t how to create a lifestyle for “those seniors,” it was how would we want to be treated?

Core Values

I believe acts of kindness can drive change in the world. I listen to understand. I consistently and firmly advocate for fairness. I defend the dignity of others. I choose to have a childlike sense of wonder and be fascinated, not frustrated. I solve problems and my answer is always yes. I understand that transparency builds trust. I strive to be humble. I believe in the power of a chuckle. I am a dedicated and loyal team member of Arrow Senior Living.

Company Culture

At Arrow Senior Living, we aren’t focused on “creating a culture,” we let one grow around our values. If you step into home office around noon, you will find us all gathered around a table eating lunch together. You can bet we’ll all be dressed up for trick or treating in October! Senior living is about people, first and foremost, and we are proud to celebrate a cast of dedicated and passionate individuals.

Our History

Having spent several years working to turn struggling properties into vibrant, successful communities, parent company Turnaround Solutions saw a greater need in the market than what the business model currently entailed. From a demand from property owners for long-term care services for their communities, Arrow Senior Living was formed.

Arrow extends Turnaround Solutions’ mission of providing not only reinvigoration of marketing strategy and increased occupancy rates, but also in the morale of employees. By revitalizing enthusiasm from within, Arrow Senior Living has been indispensable in building an environment where loving, dignified care is not the goal – it’s the standard.

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