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By utilizing Turnaround Solutions’ The 5 Ws Method™, the sales process slows to focus on a series of small and manageable steps, allowing time for the team to make personalized and meaningful follow-ups while continually moving things forward.  This timeline also allows time for new prospects to interact and engage with our current residents and staff. Our unique sales approach puts seniors in the drivers seat to ensure they are truly empowered in their decision-making. We’re there every step of the way lending support and providing resources, but never shying away from discussing the tough topics that are often necessary to find the best solution available. This strategy leads to greater success, because the most important person is always involved in the conversation. While it may seem unusual to some, Arrow is different because we always put the senior first.

The Result: Together we are able to create vibrant and high occupancy senior living communities where residents live happy, healthy, purposeful, and fulfilled lives.


The average senior living salesperson typically views the sales process as a series of rigid steps – inquiry, tour, deposit, and move-in. Unfortunately, this process only addresses the needs of the 10% of seniors who need to move right away. But, what about anyone needing just a bit more time to work things out? At Arrow, we view the sales process as an opportunity to help seniors and their families understand the many options available today. Through a discovery of the reasons necessitating a move, we follow a genuine and empathetic approach; one guided by understanding the emotions surrounding such a major life decision.

By problem solving with the senior and addressing individualized needs and emotions, we take the time necessary to help the 90% of inquiries most communities often reject or simply dismiss. We ask the right questions to get to the root cause of any concerns and solve for the true need at hand.


At Arrow, we realize that no two people search for senior living in the same way. That’s why we leverage creative opportunities to spread the word about the benefits of senior living. Our strategies range from tried-and-true methods such as: print advertising, direct mail campaigns, and radio; to digital advertising, social media campaigns, and email nurture campaigns. Additionally, we offer many ways to engage through our Google profiles and community websites. Talk by phone or by live chat, take a lifestyle quiz, find a community, or schedule a tour. The possibilities are truly endless. Learn more about what senior living can be at your own pace and on your terms.

Our ultimate goal is to encourage and support an early, pro-active, and knowledge based approach to finding the right fit. Senior living is about more than beautiful real estate and spacious apartments. It begins with awareness and continues through engaging content and valuable resources for every senior, friend, and family member.

Arrow’s Nicely News | Thoughtful Connections: A Memory Care Podcast | Senior Living Source | Arrow’s Diversity & Inclusion Speaker Series.



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Arrow’s Nicely News

Arrow Nicely News brings you the happiest, sweetest, kindest, and most-uplifting stories from around Arrow Senior Living communities! We sift through the dozens of great stories we get every week from our communities to bring you the cream of the crop!

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A Memory Care Podcast

Thoughtful Connections

Thoughtful Connections: A Memory Care Podcast is specifically designed to help and support families and friends with their loved ones approach to dementia offering insights, understanding, and solutions. Our Podcast aims to provide the support loved ones and caregivers might need on this often-challenging journey.

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Senior Living Source

Your source for real talk and tips about senior-related topics to help educate and empower seniors and their loved ones. Senior Living Source is a resource for seniors created and managed by Arrow Senior Living Management.

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A Speaker Series

Diversity & Inclusion

Arrow Senior Living is proud to present Arrow’s Diversity & Inclusion Speaker Series. The purpose of this series is to expand knowledge, empathy, and understanding of the broader, ever-changing world around us by creating opportunities for conversation with experts in various areas.

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“The other thing that I think is really remarkable in senior living is that for every 10 individuals that look at senior housing, or would be qualified to move to senior living, only one of them actually considers senior living. So, our penetration rate is small. Another interesting statistic is that if you were to universally increase market share by 1 percent, every community in this country would fill and have a waiting list. That’s how much impact only a 1 percent market share increase would have.”

-Stephanie R. Harris, J.D.

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