Tailoring care to residents’ needs

Arrow Senior Living believes in going beyond “maintaining” residents’ care needs – maximizing independence, dignity, and peace of mind. That is why we ensure each community caters to every facet of residents’ needs – physical, social, and emotional. We equip communities with the tools to provide the best care possible, including utilizing cutting-edge technology to head off potential problems before they cause a crisis.

Independence, dignity, & peace of mind

Our entire model is built not only around preserving the dignity of others, but on improving length of stay. Utilizing a point-based care system ensures residents pay only for the services they need. Changes are incremental in both cost and care that are more appropriate, more fair, and easier to understand.

By regularly reassessing residents’ care needs, we build and maintain our relationship with the residents and their families, making them feel more comfortable and better informed.

Better business

We believe that transparency builds trust, and providing quality individualized care for residents is good for business. Where a tiered or all-inclusive care system is plagued by challenges like cost-creep and high resident turnover, individualizing care neutralizes many of these risks.

Instead of trying to maximize revenue through care costs, we constantly try to minimize residents’ fees by providing the right care at the right time, even coordinating third party skilled services to improve a resident’s overall health and independence. By scheduling and planning services efficiently, we reduce overstaffing while ensuring that we are maintaining a superior standard. Bottom line – healthy residents mean more consistency, stability, and longevity.


Turning Common Sense into Common Practice

The communities of Arrow Senior Living lead the way in their utilization of cutting-edge technology to provide care. We are able to implement these technologies in ways that keep our residents safe and prevent health crises before they have a chance to occur.