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By utilizing Turnaround Solutions’ The 5 Ws Method™, Arrow Senior Living communities not only achieve but maintain a higher occupancy than the industry average. This innovative marketing program slows down the sales process to focus on small steps, provide personalized follow up, and support interaction with current residents and amenities. Through this focus we are able to create vibrant and profitable senior living properties where residents are happy, healthy, and fulfilled.


The average senior living salesperson typically views the sales process as a series of rigid steps – inquiry, tour, deposit. Unfortunately, this process only addresses the needs of the 10% of seniors who need to move right now.

At Arrow, we view the sales process as a chance to help the senior, family, and influencers make the best decision by addressing the reasons to move and all the emotions surrounding such a major life decision. By problem solving with the senior and addressing their unique needs and emotions, we can take a series of small steps to help the 90% of inquiries most communities reject.


The sales process in senior living is broken, and fixing it changes everything – from resident satisfaction to occupancy issues. When we show genuine concern for seniors’ wellbeing, we can make a real difference, not just at our communities but in the lives of countless seniors.

By slowing down the process we are changing the paradigm: reducing turnover, increasing wellness, and dramatically increasing length of stay by moving seniors to the community before a crisis determines their future. And this is truly a win-win for everyone as seniors are able to live longer, healthier, and happier lives.

“The other thing that I think is really remarkable in senior living is that for every 10 individuals that look at senior housing, or would be qualified to move to senior living, only one of them actually considers senior living. So, our penetration rate is small. Another interesting statistic is that if you were to universally increase market share by 1 percent, every community in this country would fill and have a waiting list. That’s how much impact only a 1 percent market share increase would have.”

-Stephanie R. Harris, J.D.

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