June 7, 2022

Arrow Nicely News! – June 3, 2022

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Author: Shannon Novak Director of Culture & Communication

In this week’s episode of Arrow Nicely News, we learn all about the V Living Experience! -We speak with Laura Baltmiskyte, Villa Leasing Coordinator for the V Living – Strongsville to learn what V Living is all about. -We catch up with friend of the Nicely News and Arrow’s Managing Director of Marketing, Nicole Rozsa, on the fun and events that come with being a card-carrying member of the V! To learn more about The V Living Experience, you can call Laura at (440) 638-5444, or go to www.ExperienceTheVLiving.com!

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I believe acts of kindness can drive change in the world. I believe in the power of a chuckle.

The Nicely News showcases the latest and greatest Arrow community news, from notable events to special celebrations, philanthropic efforts, volunteering, employee and resident recognition, earned news coverage, and much more.

Arrow Senior Living began Nicely News at the start of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic to spread joy and solidarity during a difficult time. The unique platform has given residents, families, employees, and the public an opportunity to glance inside senior living and a range of positive events during a time when the mainstream narrative about senior living was, in many ways, misrepresenting the senior living industry and the complexity of the lockdown experience.

The continuation of Nicely News reinforces our commitment to our core values “I believe acts of kindness can drive change in the world” and “I believe in the power of a chuckle” by showcasing the positive and exciting experiences in senior living with a diverse community of residents, family, and employees.

Arrow Nicely News is hosted by Lenny Hernandez, edited by Aaron Nieson, and produced by a dedicated committee of employees.

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