August 12, 2022

Arrow Senior Living Celebrates Family Fun

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Author: Sandy McGatha, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Arrow Senior Living welcomes you to August Family Fun Month! We’re excited to celebrate the sanctity of families and acknowledge the importance of family fun!

While the make-up of families has evolved over the years, the true heart of a family remains the same. A family is a composition of people we allow close and who share this journey called life with us. Sometimes these people are related to us by blood, and other times they are chosen by us and named by us as family.

Regardless of whether you come from a nuclear family, a same-sex family, a single parent family, a stepfamily, an extended family, a grandparent family, or you built your family among coworkers or friends, the sense of belonging is the same. Ultimately, a family is designed to be a safe place for adults and children alike. A place of welcome, acceptance, safety, and home.

We know it’s a crazy, busy, kind of scary world right now. What better time to revive and remember, as well as appreciate and honor, those we hold dear… our family.

Having fun as a family provides the important aspect of in-the-moment-enjoyment. But at a deeper level, having positive family fun creates memories, improves mental health, lowers bad behaviors in children, models good parenting skills, and promotes adaptability and resilience. Spending time outdoors in sports, going for walks or hiking, playing yard games, etc., promotes physical health and encourages conflict resolution and good sportsmanship, which are important for a child’s growth and engagement with others.

Going on a family vacation is the ultimate in family fun. Time away can create reconnection and build core memories. Fewer electronics and more in person face time with each other is an excellent way to bring engagement back into perspective.

Here’s a little tip. Don’t wait for the big things like a vacation to spend time with your family. Quality time can be found in the everyday things we do as a family together. Creating routines, eating dinner together, taking time to do one-to-one things, physical touch in the form of a hug, watching a movie together, cooking together, building projects, and family hobbies.

At its most basic, a family is safety and support through good times and bad. It’s your tribe, your people, the place where you begin to define yourself and establish a moral base. At its flourishing best, a family is a sacred legacy of our history, where we come from, and an unconditional, accepting home base we take with us out into the world each day.

Since August has been designed as Family Fun Month, Arrow Senior Living wants to play, too! Arrow Communities will be hosting Family Fun Month events during the month of August. Check with your nearest community for details!

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