May 20, 2022

Arrow Senior Living Culinary Department to Honor Asian American Pacific Islander Month

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Author: Josh Beauchamp, Regional Director of Culinary Programming

May is Asian American Pacific Islander month, or AAPI for short, a time to celebrate the Asian and Pacific Islanders in the United States and their contributions to the history of this country. By recognizing the culture, history, and achievements of Asian American and Pacific Islanders, we can broaden the understanding of their countries and cultures, as well as enhance the appreciation for all that they have given to make this country great.

As is the case with many commemorative months, AAPI originated with Congress. In 1978, Congress passed, and President Jimmy Carter signed into law, a joint resolution declaring a week in May as “Asian/Pacific American Heritage Week.” This was later expanded to a month, and in 1992, May was designated as Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month.

Throughout the month, and in all the Arrow communities, the culinary departments will be recognizing cuisines tied into the culture and history of many of these nations. There will be happy hour celebrations, unique menu additions, and candlelight dinners all highlighting countries represented through the AAPI heritage tradition. We are honored to have the opportunity to celebrate these countries, their contributions, and their foods, and we would be even more honored if you would join us. Call your nearest Arrow community to learn more about how you can get a seat at the table this month!

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