March 18, 2022

Arrow Senior Living Shines With Women In Leadership Positions

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Honoring Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month is a celebration of women’s contributions to history, culture and society in the United States. The 2022 theme is “Women Providing Healing, Promoting Hope.” 

We are proud to honor Women’s History Month by acknowledging the history of Arrow Senior Living and the women who played the key leadership roles in its development, as well as the women working for continued growth and success.

Arrow Senior Living Management’s Chief Executive Officer Stephanie R. Harris started her first company while she was studying to become an attorney. That business, Turnaround Solutions for Senior Housing, was a sales and marketing consulting company for hire to save struggling senior living communities. She and her team would move into the communities for three to six months and “turn them around.” Once the project was completed, they would be off to another property in another town, criss-crossing the country, working in multiple states.

In 2009, Stephanie and her team decided to create their own senior living management company built around a specific set of core values. Arrow Senior Living Management was born with Amanda Tweten named Chief Operating Officer. Amanda reminds us about their journey from Turnaround to Arrow, “The search for the right place was really the search for the right people.” Several of the original Turnaround Solutions employees continue to work for Arrow Senior Living Management today.

Besides Stephanie as CEO and Amanda as COO, the C-level of Arrow also has the leadership positions of Chief Sales Officer filled by Cassie Tweten, and General Counsel by Sarah Klebolt.

Sixty percent of the company’s Vice Presidents are female, as are the Controller and Managing Directors of Sales, Marketing, Wellness, Internal Operations, and Brand Development. Six women serve as Directors and nine as Regional Directors as Arrow home office employees. A total of 35 women lead and support Arrow Senior Living from the upper management levels, including the newly added position of Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Women in leadership positions are also very prevalent in each of the local communities. Executive Directors play a vital role as a liaison with residents. Of the 28 open or soon-to-be-open Arrow communities, 18 Executive Directors are women.

The role of Memory Care Director is currently filled by all women, as are 96 percent of the Resident Services positions. The posts of Business Office Director and Director of Wellness are also very heavily occupied with female professionals, 82 and 89 percent as listed.

Arrow Senior Living is owned and operated by women; they are very proud of that fact. With the home office located in St. Charles, Missouri, the company employs over 1,700 hard working women and men, across five states. Hiring is done without discrimination. We pride ourselves in recognizing the importance of diversity in our business and in our communities.

Saint Charles, Missouri-based Arrow Senior Living manages a portfolio of communities that offer varying levels of care, including independent living, assisted living, and memory care. Each and every senior living community supports residents by focusing on dignity, respect, and quality of life. The programs and amenities offered are selected to provide only the highest standard of quality and comfort.

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