April 19, 2024

Debunking Senior Living Myths

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Author: Charlie Johnson, Creative Project Coordinator

Arrow Senior Living is known for doing things a little differently and challenging the status quo within the industry. It’s just who we are! Even with all the technological conveniences of today, such as social media and websites, it is still common to meet individuals with a skewed perception of what senior living looks like. In this blog, we want to share the biggest myths that exist and how to overcome those myths surrounding our beautiful Arrow Senior Living communities and services.

Christie Masline

Regional Director of Operations


Myth: I’ll lose my independence at a senior living community!

Choosing not to burden oneself with day-to-day chores like cooking and cleaning allows for more time for socialization and fun. Residents can enjoy unlimited opportunities for events and outings, granting them the freedom to live according to their desires.

Christine Masline

Mark Stapleton

Regional Director of Operations


Myth: All there is to do is play BINGO!

This is far from accurate! Our residents engage in a diverse array of events, outings, and experiences. From attending theater shows and musical performances to enjoying wine tastings and Happy Hours every Friday, there’s something for everyone. While bingo is available, it’s certainly not the primary attraction at our communities!

Mark Stapleton

Tim Moore

Regional Director of Operations


Myth: I can’t bring my beloved pet.

At Arrow, we embrace pets of all shapes and sizes. We establish basic parameters to ensure that pets are suitable for the senior living environment, prioritizing the safety of both animals and residents. Additionally, Arrow communities provide pet care services in all neighborhoods to support residents when caring for their pets becomes challenging, while still preserving the love and desire for companionship.

Tim Moore

Tracy Cecil

Regional Director of Operations


Myth: I’ll have no privacy in a senior living community. 

Before visiting a senior living community, many individuals envision white walls, long hallways, and nurses attending to sick residents. However, modern senior living communities resemble resorts, offering a plethora of amenities and apartment styles to accommodate various preferences and needs. Residents have the freedom to furnish and decorate their apartments according to their tastes. Staff members prioritize residents’ privacy and only enter their apartments when requested and with their prior knowledge and consent.

Tracy Cecil

We hope you found this helpful and encourage you to share it with others because here at Arrow, we are committed to reshaping the perception of senior living! Search #whatseniorlivinglookslike, and you will find so many great things that happen in our communities every single day.

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