March 29, 2024

Arrow Senior Living: Spring Cleaning Initiative

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Author: Mike Boyd, Managing Director of Asset Management

Spring Cleaning Through Collective Action

Spring cleaning, a cherished tradition observed in various cultures globally, undergoes a transformation as the Earth’s axis tilts, ushering in the rejuvenation of winter landscapes in the northern hemisphere. Daffodils bloom, grass transforms into lush green carpets, and temperatures gradually rise from late March to early April.

The concept of spring cleaning has evolved into a nationally recognized event, observed during Spring Cleaning Week. This annual initiative transcends mere household chores, extending to encompass various aspects of individuals’ lives, including finances, technology, and more.

With this broader perspective in mind, communities of Arrow Senior Living gear up for its community-wide, spring-cleaning endeavor! This marks the fourth consecutive year of embracing this springtime tradition within our communities, with each passing year proving to be even more successful than the last.

Three hard-working employees are smiling in the room during spring cleaning.

As the communities gather to undertake this annual ritual, they remember the power of collective action and the significance of tending to our shared environment. Their efforts not only rejuvenate their homes and neighborhoods but also fortify the bonds that unite us as members of a vibrant and thriving community.

Saint Charles, Missouri-based Arrow Senior Living manages a portfolio of communities that offer varying levels of care, including independent living, assisted living, and memory care. Each and every senior living community supports residents by focusing on dignity, respect, and quality of life. The programs and amenities offered are selected to provide only the highest standard of quality and comfort.

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