September 2, 2022

Transparency, Trust, and Transformation: Arrow Senior Living’s Culture of Care

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Author: Dr. Cameron Zargar

Justin Ladd is a big believer in being responsive to the demands involved in caring for America’s seniors. That is why he is pushing Arrow Senior Living to new heights through cutting-edge research, strong communication, and the formation of meaningful relationships with both team members and residents. 

The vice president of operations of Arrow Senior Living appeared on the LTC Heroes podcast to discuss his novel approach to leadership: 

The three values that best define Ladd’s leadership method are the following: 


“You have to be okay with change,” Ladd told Experience Care’s Victoria Arama during the interview. “Because, like it or not, change is inevitable.” 

It is that perspective that drives Arrow Senior Living to pursue the most-advanced technology in the industry. “We embrace innovation and try new things,” Ladd said. “We’re constantly exploring new opportunities and seeing what’s out there that will take this industry to the next level.”

Just one example is the development of a robot that will increase efficiency and reduce the burden put upon Arrow’s frontline team. “It can even deliver things to the resident’s door,” Ladd remarked. Another exciting innovation is computer technology that can identify and predict health declines in residents. “This alerts the staff and gives us the opportunity to intervene in a much earlier way than if we were to wait until an event happened,” he explained. 


“Transparency builds trust,” Ladd said. “And while it’s hard to bring core values to life sometimes, we do make a sincere effort.” 

In his discussion with Arama, Ladd shared how he gathers input from Arrow’s frontline team before making decisions that impact how they do their jobs. “We are always careful to be transparent with them and share that we don’t have all the answers,” he said. 


Staff, residents, and families are heavily involved in conversations about the future of care at Arrow. “We need our families and our residents to have a seat at the table, and we need them to understand the challenges we’re having as operators,” he said. It is in this way, he added, that they can better contribute to finding real solutions.

The leadership team at Arrow Senior Living keeps an open mind in hopes of constantly improving the quality of life of the older adults in its care. That means listening to the voices around them, pursuing every option available, and finding new answers.

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