December 29, 2023

Arrow Boosting Success: The Impact of Choosing a ‘Word of the Year’

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Author: Justin Ladd, Vice President of Operations

Every year, our Leadership and Professional Development Coach, Michael Buckley, challenges us to choose a word of the year. There are no limitations on the word we want to choose or why. Nonetheless, it is exciting because it offers a moment to stop and be intentional about what we want to focus on for the next year. For 2023, my word was “intentional.”

Having a desire to be intentional in my work and personal life. I aimed to make more deliberate choices and present myself intentionally at home and in my work environment. As part of this, I asked each Regional Director of Operations to reflect on their Word of the Year for 2023.

Regional Director of Operations

Over the past year, my communities have achieved remarkable milestones that underscore our commitment to fostering growth and positivity. The trajectory of the communities for 2024 is undeniably positive, thanks to our strategic initiatives aimed at nurturing sustainable development. One notable accomplishment is the focus on staff retention, resulting in a significant decrease in agency and turnover. I have prioritized coaching our Executive Directors to become true captains of their communities. I am empowering them to lead with vision and purpose. The emphasis on mainstreaming key metrics, budget alignment, and communication strategies has strengthened the operational foundation.

Additionally, I have prioritized personal growth within the organization. Ensure each team member has the skills and knowledge necessary to excel. They focus on key accountabilities and provide tailored support for individual community needs. We hope to foster a culture of excellence that will propel us forward in the coming year.

Christie Masline, Regional Director of Operations,

Tracy Cecil in Organization Arrow Senior Living

Choosing “organization” as my word of the year for 2023 allowed me to declutter and simplify things in my life. I used the organization as my guiding principle, allowing me to focus on priorities and find easier ways to get things done. This word has helped me navigate life with a clearer and more streamlined mindset.

Tracy Cecil

Regional Director of Operations

In 2023, I wanted to grow in my role, so “growth” was a logical word to select. I grew in my role, not only in the number of communities that I supported but also in how I supported them. My management style evolved significantly, thanks to guidance from not only Michael Buckley but also Amanda Tweten, Justin Ladd, and Stephanie Harris. I strengthened the way I coached my team but also continued to learn I needed to coach each person differently. In understanding this, the communities I support saw growth in leadership skillsets, better processes, and the Arrow culture exhibited. This allowed for decreased agency usage and, most importantly, increased occupancy. I am still working on a 2024 word, but I want to build off the success of 2023 and am hopeful for an amazing 2024.

Tim Moore, Regional Director of Operations,

For me, “habit” became the word of the year for my professional and personal journey. I was shaping my daily routine and fostering a culture of productivity and collaboration. Embracing habits, such as effective time management, regular communication with colleagues, and continuous learning, not only propelled my personal development. It also had a transformative impact on our work community. The intentional cultivation of positive habits became a shared endeavor with my children. With a positive impact on my personal life.

Emily Bennett, Regional Director of Operations,

In conclusion, 2023 has been a year where things have started to feel more like pre-pandemic times in many ways. For which we are ever so grateful. As we reflect on the challenges and victories of the past year. We are filled with a sense of accomplishment and growth. The resilience and dedication of our team have been remarkable, and we couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve achieved together. Discovering numerous ways to be intentional in both my professional journey and at home, excitement fills me as I approach the start of a new year once more. The anticipation of choosing a new Word of the Year in 2024 is something I eagerly await.

Justin Ladd, Vice President of Operations,

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