From the first reports of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) entering the United States, Arrow Senior Living has been working to ensure that communities are prepared to respond diligently and appropriately. Our number one concern is the health and safety of our residents, staff, and guests.

Arrow communities have pulled together to address concerns in all service areas and have taken the necessary steps to ensure that we are continuing to provide high-quality services to residents. Please visit the Staying Active section for more information on our events and view our video releases for additional information from our service leads. For the latest text and video updates on policies, procedures, and community changes, please visit our Latest Updates page.

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Latest Updates

Arrow Senior Living leaders across the nation are posting updates on events, policies, control procedures, and more.

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Staying Active

Maintaining excellence in all of our services has been a primary concern as staff and residents come up with new and unique ways to experience events & entertainment!

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In The News

Several local news stations have covered Arrow community responses to the COVID-19 crisis.

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While answers are subject to change in the rapidly evolving situation, we wanted to provide a source for the most common questions we have received.


The COVID-29 social distancing has had a devastating effect on already limited social interaction for all of us – but seniors with already limited contact outside of home are especially effected. We want to extend an invitation to all residents, family members, and seniors in our neighborhoods to join us on our virtual events to help ease the isolation. Senior living may have great food, excellent services, and caring staff – but the real secret is having a supportive social community to participate in the joy of life and living!

Check out our event calendar and join us today!

Calendar for the week of March 30, 2020

SPECIAL EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT – Managing the Worries of COVID-19 with Katie Morton, April 1, 2020

Communicating with a loved one

FaceTime calls can be made to connect with your loved one in person.

Communicate via Facebook Live or Facebook Messenger.

Connect to larger events as a group with Zoom Conferencing.


Visit our Zoom guide for information walking you through how to set up the service and more on the reasons we are using Zoom to connect residents for events and entertainment!

Measures Taken

Arrow Senior Living is diligently monitoring local, state, and federal information sources as updates are released. At this time we are finding that information is being updated as frequently as every 30 minutes. We are coordinating our action as-needed and are holding standing coordination meetings several times per day with nationwide team members. Our intent for all decisions is to act from an overabundance of caution and ensure we are taking all necessary precautions.

If a confirmed case were to occur:

If a confirmed case were to occur, we would continue to act in full compliance with the CDC, local, and state health authorities. We would follow the guidelines of the CDC recommendations for confirmed cases in healthcare settings; those guidelines include steps to minimize chances for exposure, adhering to personal protection protocols and managing visitor access.


  • Memory Care residents receive daily temperature checks, increased guided hand hygiene
  • Canceled sponsored outings and group visits
  • Increasing virtual in-community events
  • Informative letter has gone out and communication is increased and ongoing
  • Increased self quarantine measures
  • Residents discouraged from leaving community and will be asked to remain away if they do choose to exit
  • Social distancing education

Resident Families

  • Regular updates through social media
  • Informative letter has gone out and communication is increased and ongoing
  • Creating virtual interaction opportunities during this period of visitor restriction
  • Welcome surge in closed Facebook group participation
  • Expanding virtual interaction opportunities with Zoom app


  • Increased cleaning and sanitation protocols
  • Increased focus on prevention
  • COVID-19 specific protocols distributed
  • Provided protocols for outside of work
  • Ongoing communication
  • Restricting employee access on an as-needed basis

Regulatory Authorities

  • Federal & state protocols are being followed in all communities
    • Arrow communities comply with the most stringent health regulations that any of the states we operate in require
  • Arrow’s clinical team is continually monitoring updates from:
    • Center for Disease Control
    • State public health authorities
    • Local public health authorities

Community & Public

  • Entrance to the community limited to essential personnel and services until further notice
  • All visitors will undergo health screenings before entering the community
  • Creative solutions to our group events are being rolled out, such as web-based broadcasts
  • Community events have been rolled out and are currently being expanded to include a greater variety and frequency
  • Residents are being encouraged to participate in events via Zoom meetings
  • Encouraging social distancing in all public spaces


  • Check-in at front desk
  • Communicating safety requirements
  • All vendors will undergo health screenings before entering the community
  • Limiting to only essential supplies

Informational Materials

Hand Washing Fact Sheet
Stop The Spread of Germs
COVID-19 Symptoms

CDC Resources

We are carefully monitoring CDC information and resources as well as local, county, state, and other federal sources. Below are CDC resources for your review to understand COVID-19 and the current steps being taken.

CDC Corinavirus (COVID-19) Summary

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CDC Higher Risk Information

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CDC Newsroom

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CDC Testing & Latest Updates

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CDC Cases in the United States

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CDC COVID-19 World Map

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