From the first reports of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) entering the United States, Arrow Senior Living has been working to ensure that communities are prepared to respond diligently and appropriately. Our number one concern is the health and safety of our residents, staff, and guests.

Arrow communities have pulled together to address concerns in all service areas and have taken the necessary steps to ensure that we are continuing to provide high-quality services to residents.

Please Review Our Temporary Outing Guidelines

We understand that there are many questions, concerns, and objections to the COVID-19 vaccine. Learn more about the vaccine and have those questions answered here!

Answering questions about the COVID-19 VACCINE


Now that the vaccines are being administered throughout Arrow communities, we are pleased to announce that re-opening policies will be taking effect!

Any community that has a 70% combined immunization rate among residents, with two weeks having passed since achievement of that inoculation rate, has been free of positive COVID-19 cases for 14 days, and is in a county in which the community is located is below a 10% positivity rate will be able to enjoy the following:


The community encourages visitations and will maintain proper screening and infection control policies, based off current community and government guidelines.

All visitors are required to follow current screening policies and enter through the main entrance designated for screening. All visits in assisted living and memory care common areas must be scheduled. Scheduled visitation in independent living is preferred, but not required.

Visits within the resident apartment are allowed. Visitors, including essential visitors and compassionate care visitors, should take the most direct path to and from the apartment they are visiting and refrain from congregating in common areas.

If the community has any active COVID-19 cases diagnosed (employees or residents) within the past 14-day period, additional infection control measures may be required.

Visitation for children of any age is allowed. Children five years of age or older will be required to wear proper PPE. PPE for children under five years of age is suggested, but not required.

For residents in a shared apartment, visits may take place within the apartment as long as both residents consent. If a resident objects to a visit being held within the apartment, the scheduled visit should take place in the designated common area.


All employees and visitors are REQUIRED to wear masks, whether vaccinated or not.

Residents are not required to wear masks, though it is recommended for vaccinated residents and STRONGLY recommended for unvaccinated residents.


Dining rooms may reopen to 100% capacity.

Limited guest meals will be available between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. All visitors wishing to join a resident for a meal must place a reservation 48 hours in advance. The total number of a resident’s party may not exceed four individuals and all must remain at the same table. Residents and guests exceeding four in their party, but no more than eight, will be seated in the private dining room.

*For states with dining room restrictions, guests may dine with residents in their apartments. The room delivery charge will be reduced by 50 percent for these meals.

Guest Suite

Visitors who would like to book a guest suite must observe regular visitor screening protocols in order to gain admittance to the community.


Group events and entertainers will be allowed within the community. For communities without the 70 percent immunization rate, outdoor entertainment may be scheduled. Entertainers who have not been vaccinated shall remain behind a Plexiglas divider.

Outdoor Events

Social distancing guidelines should be followed for all outdoor events. Masks are required during outdoor events where non-vaccinated residents or guests are in attendance.


For outings where any residents in attendance are not vaccinated, the bus may operate at 75 percent capacity. Masks must be worn at all times.

Outings where all residents are vaccinated may operate at 100 percent capacity. Masks will not be required for residents.

Measures Taken

Arrow Senior Living is diligently monitoring local, state, and federal information sources as guidance and updates are released by Public Health authorities. We are coordinating our action as-needed and are holding standing coordination meetings with team members nationwide. All decisions are weighed carefully in an attempt to balance safety with least necessary restrictions. Where there is a lack of clarity as to the best decision we ordinarily favor actions taken from an overabundance of caution in an attempt to ensure that if we are erring it is on the side of caution so as to prevent the spread of infection to the degree possible.

At present, all residents and employees have had the opportunity to be vaccinated, with a majority of Arrow-managed properties averaging a 70 percent or higher immunization rate.

For Arrow-managed communities that are free of known positive COVID-19 cases and where the county is below a 10 percent positivity rate, restrictions have been lifted in the following ways:

  • Dining rooms have reopened for residents and reservations for guest meals may be made.
  • Group events and live entertainment is allowed within the community. Communities under the immunization rate or above the county positive rates are able to host outdoor entertainment.
  • Group transportation for events and outings have resumed.
  • Visitors are now allowed into the community for private, scheduled visits without time restrictions.
  • The use of face masks is still required in all common areas. Social distancing between vaccinated residents and visitors is not required.

If a confirmed case were to occur:

If a confirmed case were to occur, we would continue to act in full compliance with current guidance as published by the CDC, state, and local health authorities. We would follow the guidelines of the CDC recommendations for confirmed cases in healthcare settings unless state or local guidance is more stringent; those guidelines include steps to minimize chances for exposure, adhering to personal protection protocols and managing visitor access.


  • Additional in-house and professional cleaning/disinfection procedures
  • Mandatory self-shelter and social distancing for positive residents
  • Institute procedures for residents testing positive or presumed positive to limit exposure
  • Memory Care residents receive daily temperature checks, increased guided hand hygiene, and social distancing efforts

Resident Families

  • Regular updates through social media and personal communication as indicated.
  • Informative letters sent and communication is increased.

Thank you to families for the extraordinarily positive response, communication, and warm wishes. There has been a welcome surge in closed Facebook group participation.


  • Institute policy and training for personal protective equipment, with increased PPE requirements for non-vaccinated employees
  • Ongoing and regular testing of employees, including increased testing for non-vaccinated employees or those working in a community with a positive case.
  • Mandatory uniform cleaning procedures
  • “Knock and Announce” procedures
  • “Zone” staffing process
  • Hiring “Universal Support Partner” positions
  • Updating best practices and communicating changes daily

Regulatory Authorities

  • Up-to-date screening policies
  • Implement infection control precautions per local or state law or regulation
  • Compliance across all communities with the most stringent health regulations that any of the states we operate in require
  • Arrow’s clinical team is continually monitoring updates from:
    • Center for Disease Control
    • State public health authorities
    • Local public health authorities

Community & Public

  • Coronavirus website updates
  • All visitors undergo health screenings before entering the community
  • Community events have been rolled out and are constantly evolving to include a greater variety
  • Residents are being encouraged to participate in events via Zoom
  • Encouraging social distancing in all public spaces


  • Check-in at the front door to undergo a health screening before entrance is permitted
  • Communication of safety requirements and policies
  • Limiting to only essential supplies


The COVID-19 social distancing has had a devastating effect on already limited social interaction for all of us – but seniors with already limited contact outside of home are especially effected. We want to extend an invitation to all residents, family members, and seniors in our neighborhoods to join us on our virtual events to help ease the isolation. Senior living may have great food, excellent services, and caring staff – but the real secret is having a supportive social community to participate in the joy of life and living!

Virtual Calendar for January 17 – January 21


Learn About Zoom Now Setting Up Zoom PDF

Visit our Zoom guide for information walking you through how to set up the service and more on the reasons we are using Zoom to connect residents for events and entertainment!


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