2024 Business Goals


  1. Occupancy and rate recovery

Satisfaction driving retention (culture based)

  1. Continue the use of Activated Insights: adding to our Annual survey. Using it for move in, 90 day, and pulse surveys.
    1. Culture training to reduce grievances filed

    2. Overcome the home office vs community dynamic.

    3. Anniversary program

      • Enamel Pin
    4. Employee survey

      • Retaining employees will help reduce hiring costs and will give us the institutional knowledge needed to better onboard new employees and leaders.
      • Retention (Staff and longevity, incentive programs)
        • Career ladder: Leadership development program to help those interested in growing within the organization understand their path forward
        • Implement event involvement for line staff to increase engagement
      • Google Review campaign for Arrow by service area
    5. Set onboarding standards for new hires

    6. Residents survey

      • Improve service area culture toward internal and external customer satisfaction
      • Front of the house revamp and new roll out standards
      • Improve current traditions
      • Jolly Squad 2.0 and Centenarians Club
      • Create a bigger social media presence. Day in the Life presence?
    7. Joint Commission & ALZ Certification

Channels of Communication (collaborate with service areas)

Accountability: Defining KPIs

Workflow improvements

    1. Process standardization

    2. Define roles:

      • Create a phased approach to Executive Director onboarding. We are currently focused on the first 14 days or so but need to look beyond the initial experience and take it to the next level.
      • Clearly define the potential roles an Assistant Executive Director can hold in a community. This has been hanging out there for a bit mainly because this is a versatile position that we need to continue to use in that manner based on the needs of the community.
      • Clearly define the Resident Services Coordinator role.
    3. Define demos, pilots and roll-outs

    4. Archer

      • Move manual workflows into
        • Agency tracking
        • Shared payroll
        • Skills mastery
    5. Wellness Automation/Reporting:

      • Automated Monthly Wellness Visits
      • Revise helper report – at risk focus/QAPI
      • Revised wellness scorecard
    6. DSSI

      • Have all vendors through DSSI to capture all expenses more timely
        1. Culinary move towards company wide vendors/partnerships
    7. First impression

    8. Night cleaning checklist

    9. Transportation

    10. Special Care & Path

    11. Move-In Coordination

      • Helping families with emotional transition (ex: move-in to MC or transfer)
    12. Integrate AI into our processes

    13. Streamline creative requests and marketing workflow to hit deadlines

    14. Automating the renewal and insurance process to reduce the manual administrative work required.

    15. Streamline accounting process

      • Better define role of Internal Operations
        • See more detail in bulleted item below
      • Accounts Payable Improvement
        • Build efficiencies in accounts payable processing to allow us to manage more communities without adding staff
        • AP automation solution to streamline the process and also reduce fraud.  Possibly save money on the check, envelope, stamp costs, and overhead of doing it.
          • Review of cost/benefit of outsourcing our AP to a 3rd party vendor or bank provided system
        • Have all contracts updated and maintained in Sage and develop a sustainable process for contracts to lower liability risk of not having visibility of our commitments and to lessen the payroll hours needed to manage any due diligence items in regard to contracts.
      • Continue to restructure the accounting department and grow the Financials Coordinators to a higher level and transition more items to internal operations. Cross train and grow the Internal Operations team to better assist at all areas of the company

Arrow App powered by Cubigo

    1. To create excitement and buy-in, we will be referring to Cubigo as the Arrow App consistently throughout the organization.

    2. Grow resident use

      • Use the Arrow App as a direct line of contact with family members and residents.
    3. Grow employee use

      • Streamline our processes and how we can record and use the metrics to align our communities


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